Kicking Out The Jams: Election ‘08 Edition

The upcoming Presidential election has transfixed this Bush-battered nation & collectively focused our attention on political matters like nothing I’ve ever witnessed in all my 26 years on Earth. Much to my amusement, slews of Americans (and a European) have been expressing their political perspectives in song and posting their efforts online for our viewing pleasure! Here are a few I’ve come across:

Hey Sarah Palin: Sung to the tune of “Hey Delilah”


The Sarah Palin Song: A creepy come-on, sort-of

Sarah Palin Remix: The cartoon makes this video barable

That One: This made me giggle

Me and John McCain: What is really going on here? A bit Brokeback Mountian?

I Got It From Obama: This is a European import, so excuse the odd wording & verb conjigation.

You Rock, Barack! The whole fam’ is involved here.

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M.C. Cain in tha House: as preformed by M.C. Cain and DJ GW

Sarah Palin: A Life in Song

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The Ballad of Sarah Palin: Funny re-cap of the Palin mythology

Something Worth Voting For – A ditty about political frustration in general.

George Bush Sings a Whateva’ Song – a shout out to Still President Dubya.

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