An Anniversary & What’s Important to Remember

Politicians and news outlets alike will be spewing all kinds of quasi-patriotic & definitely fear-mongery bullshit about terrorists and other bogeymen we should still be afraid of seven years after the attacks of September 11th. What they probably won’t be talking about is the fact that the terrorist organization responsible for the attacks is stronger than ever, due to the unrest we’ve instigated throughout the Middle East. They won’t talk about how 9/11/2001 saved President Bush’s political career and probably secured his second term. They won’t ask why the people responsible for exploiting the tragic events for their own ends (invading Iraq, to be specific) are still not being held accountable. They won’t talk about how ineffective all those cuts to our civil liberties have been, as far as making our nation a safer place. They won’t review the effectiveness of the Patriot Act, Operation Iraqi Freedom, or GITMO, and they certainly won’t raise a critical voice against America’s foreign policy that proves to would-be terrorists just how corrupt and worthy of attack the U.S. is. They won’t ask any of the relevant questions or recall any of the heinous bullshit our government pulled in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. I suppose that remembering those details is up to us. We Will Never Forget, is damned well right.

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