More Palin-Hatin’

In case you needed more reasons to vote Democratic this November, let’s talk about how ridiculous McCain’s VP, Sarah Palin, actually is. Remember, if the Republican’s manage to retain the President’s seat, this lady will be second in line to rule. The Vice President is sort of a big deal for that reason.

First, the woman is a pawn, a puppet, a fucking ploy. The GOP doesn’t take her seriously, hell, she doesn’t even see herself as a full-fledged politician! This point was illustrated by the fact that her first photo op during the GOP convention wasn’t with her running mate or other major Republican figures, it was with the WIVES. Here she is chillin’ like a villian with Cindy McCain and Laura Bush, as if Palin were merely another would-be First Lady without political power or responsibility. Apparently, the GOP and Palin, herself, sees these political show ponies as her peers.

Second, her political track record, short as it maybe, is full of fucked up executive decisions that royally screwed Palin’s Alaskan constituents. Her 2008 budget cuts included these gems: cuts to education totaling $396,000 that were intended to repair school busses, replace unsafe sporting equipment, fund after school programs, and elevates children’s asthma; cuts to senior citizen programs totaling $600,000 for housing, repairing senior centers, and upgrading access roads to retirement communities; cuts to health care totaling $4,527,500 that was needed to replace medical equipment and upgrade Ketchikan General Hospital’s surgical wing. Never the less, under Palin government expenditures increased by 63%! Apparently, that $14.7 Million Sports Center in Wasilla was WAY more important than providing for Alaska’s children, their elderly, or their sick.

Third, she is as shady as one would expect a Republican to be, with the ethics violations to prove it! In August of this year, former state House member Andree McLeod filed an ethics complaint against the Alaskan governor that alleges Palin used her position of power to get one of her campaign supporters a Department of Transportation job in Fairbanks. The complaint can be viewed online HERE. In July of 2008, the Alaska State Legislator voted 12-0 to approve $100,000 for a special investigator to begin an investigation into claims Palin fired a former state official because he would not fire a state trooper who was involved in a bitter custody battle with Palin’s sister.

Fourth, America has learned the dangers of electing politicians that reside in the pockets of Big Oil executives. Bush and Cheney illustrate this Worst Case Scenario. Palin is similarly involved with the oil interests that financially rape the American consumer and provoke wars in the Middle East for financial gain. Her 2006 campaign for governor netted her a cool $13,000 from oil lobbyists, even though McCain praised Palin’s supposed fight against such interests. Environmentalists cite her eagerness to embrace expanded offshore oil development, her lawsuit against further protection of polar bears so as not to hinder oil drilling in Alaska's ice-filled waters and her ardent support to allow oil companies into the Alaska wildlife refuge as evidence of her close connections to Big Oil.

There you have it. Hard core hatin’ from the Left, to remind y’all why Palin is soooo super sucky. Obama in ‘08, mother fuckers!

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