Rachel Maddow: Making the news something I can watch again!

I adore Ms. Rachel Maddow. It’s not because she’s the first openly gay anchor of a prime time news show. It’s not because she is a self-described feminist with obvious liberal political leanings. It’s not because she used to host one of my favorite Air America radio shows, Unfiltered, with none other than Public Enemy’s Chuck D. The main reason that I adore Rachel Maddow is she has made the news bearable for me to sit through. In this era of Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Chris Matthews, I find it excruciating to watch even a half-hour of televised news because the Talking Heads of the mainstream media outlets have the journalistic integrity of Stephan Glass and the debating skills of a toddler in the throws of a tantrum. They avoid asking the important questions & instead, waste my time by discussing the merits of Obama’s flag pin or whether America is ready for a female President. I blame these idiots for the downfall of our civilization since they are responsible for spreading the misinformation that so many Americans live their lives according to & they neglect their duty to keep the American people informed, thus perpetuating the idiotic state of the Republic. In contrast, Rachel Maddow keeps it real & handles the business at every weekday on her MSNBC show, The Rachel Maddow Show, which airs directly after Keith Olbermann’s Countdown & can be seen online at THIS website (or YouTube, if you want to avoid the repeticious commercial that MSNBC forces down your throat every two clips). If you have wondered where TV’s sane people are, look no further! Maddow & Olbermann host MSNBC’s most watched shows & that proves that plenty of other people are sick of O’Reilly’s guest abusing interview tactics and Chris Matthew’s idiotic (and sexist) commentary. Maddow’s show includes segments like Just Enough, where pop culture reporter Kent Jones runs us down on the fluffier side of the news, Talk Me Down, where Maddow goes head-to-head with experts on various issues that try to talk her down from her current opinion on the matter, Lame Duck Watch, where Maddow keeps tabs on Still President Bush, and Ms Information, where she calls out the important stories that have gone un- or under- reported. The show has enlightened my understanding of several current events (the stock market crisis, the auto industry loan-bailout) because Maddow has a way of breaking it down to lay-man’s terms without dumbing it down. She has taught me what a T-bill is, why we adjust the Atomic Clocks & why that even matters, and has explained The Bush Doctrine in terms of it’s illegal possibilities. She’s sarcastic, she’s smart, and she’s in-touch with the concerns & questions us Normal Folk have about the state of the Union. Whenever I don’t get specifics of a current political event, Maddow is my Go-To Gal. If I could be any TV personality it would be her (or, maybe, Samantha Bee).

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