And how does that benefit us again?

Anyone that filed their state taxes after February 1st & received an I.O.U. in place of their refund OR any state worker that was recently laid off / paid with an I.O.U. OR any student whose Cal Grant has been suspended OR any other Californian that has had it up to their eyeballs with the ridiculous squabbling in Sacramento over the passage of a damned budget will be happy to hear that legislators are working all weekend to finally handle the fucking business & agree on a damned budget proposal. Finally, right?

It’s too bad that our elected officials are giving up nearly $1 billion in corporate tax breaks, just to ensure that enough Republican politicians vote in favor of the budget bill, and then they plan on dumping another $14 billion in temporary tax hikes on us Average Joe Taxpayer-types. Higher vehicle licensing fees, sales taxes, gasoline taxes, & income taxes, plus a decrease in the amount of dependent care tax credits that Californians are allowed to claim and a reduction of more than $690 million in spending for higher education, will grease the budget bill just enough to allow it to pass through the legislature & right through the Gobonator’s hands. Joy.

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