Learning to Pick Your Battles: The Hard Way

Sometimes, I am dumbfounded by the level of stupidity folks stoop to. Amused by it, for sure! But also struck by just how unaware some humans seem to be. One such situation is the latest dip-shit move executed by Mr.Banana himself, Ray Comfort. The man earned that moniker in THIS video, where he “puts to rest” the non-theists position with the dumbest “proof” that god exists. Dude, I’ve had the divinity explained to me many times, by many different folks, & never have I been less convinced of the Almighty’s existence! THIS clip of Comfort on the 700 Club is even more ridiculous/hilarious! Now, it is completely alright to be ignorant, as long as you aren’t hurting anybody & Banana-Boy can preach to the brain dead choir until Judgment Day without me giving a shit one way or another. BUT,much to my amusement, he has decided to step his buffoonery up a few levels & challenge Richard Dawkins to a debate! A debate about evolution! Against Richard Dawkins! That, my friends, will be entertainment! Dawkins is a celebrated evolutionary biologist, former Oxford professor, author of The God Delusion, and known on the streets as Darwin’s Rottweiler. Ray Comfort offered $10,000 to Dawkins, in exchange for a chance to debate the man, head-to-head, because he really thinks he has a strong case against evolution! There are people that maybe quite capable of taking on Dawkins, those with strong theologically solid backgrounds, but Comfort is not one of those people by a long shot! Dawkins responded to Comfort’s challenge by upping the ante & requesting $100,000 in the form of a donation to his foundation, which financially contributes to needy secular charities (homepage HERE). This option is apparently too pricey for Ray, who has offered $20,000 as a compromise, but Dawkins ain’t having it. If I had to waste my time listening to some intellectually inferior dipshit that couldn’t debate his way out of a paper bag, I’d hold out for the big money too. I do wish the two would come to some kind of agreement, for my own selfish enjoyment, because that will make one fucking hilarious YouTube video. Fingers crossed!

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