Another Free Trade Agreement that will fuck over the domestic economy, our companies, our workers, our consumers, AND help support the domestic terrorism of Columbia! McCain says “Hells Yeah!”

4-Collection Another McCain fuck up I couldn’t help but comment on is his recent endorsement of a free trade agreement with Columbia. First and foremost, “free trade” is a bullshit market model & it’s detrimental to the general populations of both nations. What a free trade agreement does is remove all taxes & tariffs on products and allows any regulatory legislation to be ignored by the nations involved. It is essentially trade exempted from all the rules that everyone else must abide by. So, Columbian products can enter this country & be sold just as cheaply as products manufactured here, which makes it harder for American companies to turn a profit domestically. Tariffs are intended to protect American companies claim to American markets, so that they can employ American workers & keep our internal economy afloat. On the opposite end of the deal, Columbian markets would be flooded with the products & services offered by huge American corporations (that manufacture shit overseas for cheap) & then Columbia is in danger of ending up like modern Mexico (an economic disaster). My second concern with McCain’s support for such a deal is the heinous human rights record of Columbia. Amnesty International has scores of complaints about human rights abuses in Columbia (documented HERE). Wasn’t McCain among the war mongers that cited human rights abuses as a reason to “liberate” the Iraqis? Wasn’t he all anti-torture because of his experience as a POW (torture is one of the big abuses that AI talks about)? Shouldn’t our Commander-In-Chief think about the ramifications of economic policy that undercuts the safety of other human beings? If he’s blatantly on the side of elite Capitalist interests, rather than that of The People, before he’s even won the presidency, he will be so much worse in office!

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