The Mainstream Media is many things, but “progressive” isn’t one of them

3-Club Rush Limbaugh is one of the most laughably ignorant blowhards in the country, yet people tune in to his programs & actually base their opinions on the shit he says. Sad, scary, and fucking stupid all at the same time. Thank you, feministing and Samhita, for this week’s Friday Feminist Fuck You devoted to the fat bastard, himself!

5-WordFox News gets clowned by a comedian that says exactly what most of us have wanted to for sometime now. Thank you, Dude.

4-Collection  President Bush was given a much-deserved hard time during a July 4th celebration at Thomas Jefferson’s historic estate, Monticello. For some reason, media outlets responded to the protester’s actions with shock or as if the shouts of “war criminal” and "fascist" we undeserved. At the moment, a video of the event is the most popular video on the BBC News website, located HERE. I swear, the newscasters, those Talking Heads on American TV, cannot be as dumb as they pretend to be. How could anyone be surprised by an Independence Day protest against the President? I'll bet he expected to be heckled, for fuck's sake.

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