Commentary for Lazy Fucks

* I am a sucker for open rebellion & nearly anyone raging against the machine easily earns themselves a soft spot in my heart. I do so admire a little chaos, a little dissension, a little anti-authoritarian action. In particular, Peruvians that took to the streets in protest against what they see as unfair wealth distribution during the country’s recent economic boom have put a smile on my face. The protesters were especially pissed at  President Alan Garcia for abandoning the socialist principles that he supposedly stood for. They accuse the Prez of catering to the whims of transnational corporations, rather than those of the people (does that sound familiar to you, too?). Applause for calling a duck a fucking duck & demanding that it quack like one. Power to the People!

* If I have to see that disturbing pageant footage of Jon Benet Ramsey one more time, I promise that will go insane…at least momentarily. Seriously though, haven’t we all cringed over those videos enough since 1996? Every time a minute development in JonBenet’s case unfolds, we are bombarded by the image of a kindergartner in whore’s lipstick and high heels performing for an audience of grown-ass people, that obviously saw no shame in the exploitation of the over-sexualized little girl before them. I don’t care who killed the girl, they've already gotten away with it & it's doubtful that prosecutors could even make charges stick after so long. What bothers the shit out of me is how JonBenet isn't a six year old girl that was brutally raped and murdered in her own home. She is, instead, the pretty little blond veteran of the child pageant circuit. She is somehow "adult-ish" in her pageant videos & it really creeps me the fuck out.

* I know it's been said plenty of times before, but once couldn't hurt: Thank the Powers for the State of California! Specifically, thank Jesus for San Francisco! A citizen's group, going by the name Presidential Memorial Committee of San Francisco, wants to "honor" outgoing President Bush by naming a sewage treatment plant after the lamebrain. If at least 7,168 of the 12,000 signatures the group collected are valid, the re-naming of the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant will be on the ballot in November. I love a little rebellion, a little dissension...

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