Sarah Haskins

The feminist blogosphere has fallen head over heels in love with Sarah Haskins and I must confess that I, too, am crushing on the lady behind those clever Target Women segments from infomania. Lately, it seems like every time I start to question some ridiculous aspect of our media culture, Haskins has already called it out in her segment (Yogurt, I’m talking to you)! Thank you, Sarah, for delivering our weekly dose of media insanity just how we prefer it – dry, sarcastic, and relevant. Here’s a few of my favorites…

This segment, titled “Suffrage”, addresses how the media & our Presidential candidates are approaching American women in the post-Hillary world.  The Hit-The-Nail-On-The-Head statement: “You know what makes me angry? Watching you talk about how angry I am.”

The infamous “Yogurt” edition of Target Women brought up a slew of good points regarding the way yogurt is advertised to women (THINK: those annoying Yoplait ads where the two chicks one-up each other’s declarations about how good the shit is - “This is like not catching the bouquet good!”).

A much needed Rude Awakening about the ridiculousness that is Botox.

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