Chicken Soup for the Lazy Ass’ Soul

I hate cable TV. The amount of advertising that is shoved down your throat during a single program is fucking ridiculous & the programs themselves are all too bland, unoriginal, or mediocre to justify any real devotion to the boob tube. Just overhearing the average news program makes me cringe & sitcoms tend to be unrealistic swill. As if the cast of Friends would really kick it at a coffee shop instead of a bar (where Big Kids usually chill-ax) and why are so many fat assholes married to doting hotties in TV Land? Don’t even get me started on the cultural plague that is Reality Television. Anyhow, I hate the sub-par offerings of American television but I love to sit on my ass (preferably stoned out of my gourd) & do nothing while other people entertain me. I’ve solved this conundrum by becoming a connoisseur of internet-based programming. Allow me to pass on a few of my current favorite clips…

This one is from The Rotten Tomatoes Show (a movie review program starring the oh-too-fine Brett Erlich and Ellen Fox). If you can’t appreciate a duet about the appeal of male chest hair, then we are no longer friends! I simply cannot socialize with humorless cads like yourself!

This is Ms. Sarah Haskins in her latest installment of Target Women from Current TV’s Infomania. If you aren’t already a fan of the program head on over to their website & get schooled. It is the necessary weekly dose of sarcasm & pop culture critique that keeps me sane. Sane-ish, anyhow.

A really insightful & interesting discussion of race, materialism, and hip-hop from my Make Believe Internet Boyfriend, Jay Smooth. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again: If I ever meet a man with a shred of the intelligence & insight that Jay Smooth appears to have (via Illdoctrine), I have met my Baby Daddy. Seriously. Can you blame me? Watch his commentary on the Perez Hilton/Miss California fiasco & just try to not develop a crush on the man. Ain’t possible, y’all.

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