Pearls of Whiz-dumb

My internal monologue is boring the shit out of me. Somebody change the fucking channel already.

** As I’m sure you’ve all heard, Michael “King of Pop” Jackson kicked the bucket on Thursday. The media has been praising his musical career through clenched teeth, because what they really want to talk about is the pedophilia & all of MJ’s other freakish behaviors, but that would be extremely tacky. Here’s my two cents: Michael Jackson gave us Thriller & I’m thankful for that. But this piece from Infomania still gives me the hebegebees, so forgive me for not considering his demise a tragedy.

** Farrah Fawcett bit the big one on Thursday as well & she’s been given second billing in every mention of their deaths. How sucky to be playing second fiddle to the guy who’s been the punch line of every child molestation joke told since the mid-1990’s!


** Remember the Jena 6? The remaining five defendants have plead No Contest to charges of misdemeanor battery & been sentenced to seven days probation, plus $500 and the cost of legal fees. For those of you that don’t recall the specifics of the case, here’ s a video from Unfiltered News that pretty much sums it up. Mychal Bell ended up pleading guilty to misdemeanor second-degree battery in December 2007 & was sentenced to 18 months in jail. The reason I mention this particular story is your News at 10 forgot to bring it up. What with Michael Jackson dying & everything, who has time to discuss matters of racial inequality or judicial tyranny? The Jena 6 were no Jackson 5, you know!


Read the CNN piece on the Jena 6 HERE. Is it just me or does it seem awfully light on facts? Reads like a story about some defenseless white boy that was terrorized by a gang of black kids, don’t it?


*** I want to talk about the Immigration Reform bill that Obama is discussing in the video below, but that is going to require it’s own comprehensive post & I’m short on time. So, I’ll be writing about the subject of Immigration & “reform” while I recover from my dental surgery on Monday. For now, head on over to to watch the video of Barack Obama briefing us on the current state of reform efforts (HERE). Let me know what your thinking!


** On a personal note, I’m having my wisdom teeth taken out on Monday & I am obviously not looking forward to this. Any pain meds you may have lying around would be mighty appreciated! I am super paranoid about not having enough drugs to survive my recovery. I’ll be your best friend…

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  1. Sorry, unable to accommodate your pharmacological haven.
    If you’re lucky, as I was, the orthodontist will give you an intravenous injection of “pure” valium.
    That’s as close to a “trainspotting” experience as I ever want to have… (Reducing into the abyss, under the floor)

    Anyway: Admire your perspective. Keep up the reprogramming.