Birthday in a Basement: Re-Cap

Thanks to all those folks that showed up last night; I had a fucking blast! Quite possibly the funniest birthday party I've had in years! No drama, more than enough alcohol, entertaining companions, and (besides the lack of sexual interaction) an all over kick ass night! A few things we learned last night were: 1. My Me First & the Gimmie Gimmies Take A Break CD is totally fucking scratched, making 'Nothing Compares 2 U' unplayable. 2. The Date Rape bed is freaky as hell now, especially with all the references to that Belgian molester guy, Thanks a lot 3. Breaking glass is so much fun when nobody gets in trouble for it! I knew that indoor window served a purpose 4. I've got to get some decent colored paint or the basement is gonna’ look like a murder scene 5. When in doubt, The Clash always works. On a individual personal note:

- Little: I loved the fact that you & Ray came through, but I hate the fact that we smokers had to segregate because of our shitty habit. I love you, my bro-in-law, and the currently incubating niece your carrying around. Mi familia por vida, bitches.

- Cat: As always, the in-it-for-the-long-haul homegirl & official party photographer, Ms Cat (soon to be Mrs Cat?) kept the atmosphere upbeat & the party crackin'. You know how indispensable you are, Girl!

- Buster: I am so fucking glad you were down to party like a rock star even though my whip-cracking sister scheduled you to work in the am. "Nostalgia" is right! (P.S. As I was writing this, I changed my shirt...again).

- Dustin: Understand that I'm a drunk, an asshole, and completely full of shit. Except where that shiny shirt is concerned. Thanks for using your nose as a paint print on the mural & putting up with my quasi-abusive antics.

- Kelly & Anthony: I love you guys! Next time, I'll just lock you downstairs & prohibit you from attending work the next day. Funny how Ant left me his keys, just as y'all brought mine back.

- Shannon: Thank you so much for coming over! Cat, Buster, & I were chuggin' on that bottle of Malibu all night! Much Love, my fellow history buff!

- Casey: I'm an asshole, huh? Still love your crippled ass though. Sorry I sucker punched you.

- Aaron & Sarah: Too bad y'all couldn't stay longer, but let me tell y'all "I Love Free Birthday Pills".

- Jessica: Dude, I was like waiting for y'all to get there all night & then y'all ditch me for Silas & Stokely? Your forgiven because those make-up bags you got me are fucking cute (& the Bare Essentials lotion set kicks ass too)!

- Katie: Having responsibilities, like jobs that make you show up before noon, sucks. BUT the kitty crack accessories you gave me are greatly appreciated! Sorry I was too whacked out to pay attention! Love you!

- Sarah: Dude! Long time no see! Now you know where I'm at, feel free to come through dude!

- OT: Your tits look great. Good thing our sexual preferences differ or I might have to start seeing you as competition!

- Becca: I haven't been cooking because there isn't anyone to eat the leftovers anymore! Miss you! Hey, We're having a baby!

- Melissa & Jen: Thanks for coming by & I'm sorry I was two sheets to the wind by that point! I'm sorta amusing though, so 'your welcome'!

- Sam & Amanda: Thank you for participating the debauchery that was last night! Cha cha cha.

- Everyone Else: Dudes & Dudettes, thank you and Goddess Bless.

To the people that couldn't make it, no biggie baby! Elaine has the flu & understandably was bed ridden. Tosh loves his Mommy & that is all good. Brittany was on a rat hunting safari & her PETA-esque commitment is commendable. No hard feelings y'all. You just owe me a beer or two.

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