Poor Little Rich Girl & Korea’s beef with Beef

- Un-fucking-believable. Hillary actually suggested that sexism is the "single biggest problem we have politically and socially in the world". She was implying that the sexism faced by her candidacy was a greater problem than the racism faced by Obama's campaign. Honestly, Hill? I am all for acknowledging the issue of sexism & I believe it's repercussions are greatly underestimated, BUT to assume that sexism is a greater problem than racism is ridiculous, not to mention arrogant coming from a relatively privileged woman! The issue of Class is much broader than that of gender discrimination and the Holy Trinity of Oppression (class, gender, and race) is so interwoven that accurate analysis of one is not possible without the others. It is clear to me that Hillary is trying to get some guilt-trip female votes in the last days of her campaign. That is why so many of us won't vote for her - She obviously is banking on her popularity with "She's Got A Vagina Too!" voters.

- 3000+ South Korean protesters in Seoul demonstrated against the recent relaxation of beef import regulations earlier today. Fear of U.S. beef being tainted with Mad Cow Disease (or BSE) prompted the protest. Since 2003, American beef has been banned in S. Korea (after a rash of Mad Cow cases), but during negotiations between the U.S. and S. Korea regarding a free trade agreement, American lawmakers made it clear that the agreement was No Go until concessions were made on beef exports. I sure am glad that American politicians have the time & energy to negotiate trade deals on behalf of the beef industry! Too bad they can't use that time to regulate the industry to protect U.S. consumers! Doing so might improve Korean attitudes towards U.S. beef imports as well, but common sense ain't so common & apparently politicians give a fuck less about the common good.

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