CNN: Clearly Not News

* By the way, CNN U.S. did not have a piece on the Iraq War fund debacle listed on it's homepage. What was important to include on the first page of the CNN site? The following retarded shit:

-"Why Israel is Talking to those Bush will not": A 'No Shit' article about why Israeli leaders talk to those nations that pose terrorist risks (like Lebanon, Iran, Egypt) instead of proceeding with unilateral warfare against the dissenters (a la Bush).

- Obama criticized over Auschwitz claim Another stupid attempt to discredit the Democratic forerunner by 'blasting' him for saying that his uncle helped to liberate the captives at the Nazi concentration camp. Auschwitz was liberated by Soviet soldiers and Obama meant to refer to the Buchenwald camp, but the Republican National Committee jumped at the chance to sully Barack's record on matters of defense. Not only did he incorrectly name the wrong camp, the RNC wants you to know that Obama's uncle didn't serve in WWII. It was his great uncle! Fucking Liar!

- Bush 'troubled' by activist's detainment But not by the 300+ detainees at Gitmo, huh? The article is referring to the 5-year detention of Myanmar's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Dubya called on Myanmar to release all it's political prisoners and to open dialogue with Suu Kyi (*stifled laugh*). He actually called on "Burma" to do this, but the nation of Myanmar hasn't been known as "Burma" since the military coup of 1988. Excuse me for my presumptuousness, but shouldn't the leader of our nation be knowledgeable about the NAMES of countries he intends on giving advice? And shouldn't someone be responsible for making sure Dubya's hypocrisy is a little less obvious?

Remember what I said about not ignoring main stream media? Disregard that statement.

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