Is a married gay guy a “Mrs.” too?

After all, "Mrs" stands for "Mister's" when it is used to define a married female and a married gay guy would also be his "Mister's" husband, so...

It's things like this that make me glad to be a Californian! The state's Supreme Court shot down legislation that prohibited marriage between same sex couples because it was deemed to be unconstitutional. The ban was approved by state voters in 2000, with 61.4% of the vote, but the court's 4-to-3 ruling nullified the prohibition on Friday. Honestly, I can't understand the legal basis for same sex marriage bans in the first place. What argument, other than homophobic ramblings, can one give to defend such legislation? In my opinion, marriage isn't much more than officially laying claim to an individual's sexual services, cashing in on a bunch of tax/insurance/financial benefits, legitimizing your relationship in the eyes of conservative friends & family members, all preceded by a kick-ass party. Who the fuck are we to deny anyone this kind of stuff based on sexual orientation? If we can't do it based on criminal record, IQ, or marital history, why should who somebody fucks matter?

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