Dark Days & Drunken Nights

I've not been in the best of moods lately, as some of y'all may have noticed. Being sad is not one of my strong suits (I think it makes my ass look fat). I've managed to get past the worst of it (I think) & have found my way back to the happy medium I prefer (the "angry" place, as I call it). My goals for the next week, include: turning my phone back on, staying out of the bottom of a bottle, attending my scheduled work shifts, and getting around to cleaning up the scattered shards from my birthday (when I said "scattered shards", I wasn't talking in the figurative "my life sucks" way, I literally mean that my basement is carpeted with glass shards & I gotta' deal with that shit!). Until then, here's my commentary and/or complaints:

*** Phyllis "Gender Traitor" Schlafly got dissed in a big way at Washington University's commencement ceremony, where the Evil One was scheduled to receive an honorary doctorate on Friday. According to a WU professor, approximately 75% of the 2800 graduates and 2/3 of the remaining audience (est. 14,000) turned their backs on Schlafly during her introduction & speech in protest. A few faculty members even left the stage to join the in the show of disapproval. Schlafly's response? The dissenters were "bitter women" and "a bunch of losers" that had been mislead by women's studies courses and the protest was "juvenile". According to the Ultimate Hypocrite, the protesters had little respect for the stay-at-home wife/homemaker, female ideal she champions as a mold for us all. Funny how the lady thinks you & I should be prepping for our future Donna Reed roles (or should be already living the "dream" in my case), but she has made a career traveling the nation on speaking tours, writing books, & heading up organizations in complete opposition to that very ideal... I promise as soon as she shuts the fuck up & abides by her own advice, I will stop referring to her as my own personal Anti Christ! Anyhow, here's the link to a video of the event, courtesy of FOX. Can we stop calling her "conservative" and just start calling her "crazy"?

*** The latest issue to arise relating to the stupid fence that Homeland Security is building along the Mexican border has spawned a class-action lawsuit, filed yesterday in Texas. According to The Record, Texas mayors and business owners have filed the suit alleging that HLS Secretary Michael Chertoff cheated landowners out of their due compensation & failed to adequately inform them of their property rights. The suit seeks to suspend work on the fence & force Homeland Security to renegotiate all contracts with landowners. Of course, HLS mouthpieces called the suit a "delaying tactic" & refused to comment on the validity of it's charges.

*** The ladies at feministing.com (whom I admire & have much respect for) recently posted a bit dissing Obama for calling a reporter "sweetie". While I get the point that his comment is, by definition, sexist, I can't entirely agree that it was wrong. As a waitress that barely holds it together when folks bark orders & requests at me from all directions, I find myself referring to customers as "hon", "dear", "doll", etc. as a way to show them that I mean no disrespect when I ignore them because I'm busy. I'll fly by a table a few times on an errand or what not, but when I finally do get around to taking their order, I say things like "what can I do for you, hon?" just to prove that it wasn't anything personal. Watching the video of Barack's faux pas (below), I found myself relating to his usage of the word "sweetie". It seems to me that he is trying to get through the throng of reporters & isn't trying to ignore the woman's question, so he throws out the term of endearment to let her know heard her but can't respond just yet. Thoughts?

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