Governments are gross! And I’ve heard they have cooties too!

- Disgusting world events shrouded by a veil of Good Will and Progress make me want to scream. A perfect example of this type of information distortion is an article from BBC News titled "Cluster bomb ban treaty approved". According to the BBC, ten days of debate in Dublin resulted in an international ban on cluster bombs supported by 100+ countries. Of course, the treaty was not OKed by the United States, Russia, Pakistan, India, Israel, or China. At first glance, this article seems to suggest progress is being made toward promoting peace worldwide. Yeah! No Cluster Bombs! That's a good thing! Further thought on the matter suggests otherwise. Now, I'm all for getting rid of cluster bombs but if the U.S. isn't agreeing with an anti- weapons treaty, the treaty means squat. America is one of the largest stock-pilers of this kind of weaponry, not to mention the greatest producer of the bombs! If the U.S. isn't going to comply with international suggestion treaties (which is essentially what this is), you can bet your ass that Russia & China ain't fucking with it either! Israel is the United State's lapdog nation, so they'll never get on board with something opposed by the American government. Pakistan and India like to keep tight relations with Washington, especially where weapons & armorments are concerned, so they shouldn't be expected to flip-flop on the issue either. So, basically the point of the story is that the international community isn't yet ready to demand American compliance to international law or to call us out on our bully role in diplomacy. Everyone else thinks we're dicks, but they're still trying to convince us to change our ways (even if it has become clear that we have no intention of doing so). *sigh*

- I tipped off the ladies at feministing again (such a watchdog, I am). See post on the most ridiculous MySpace application HERE 

- Mother Jones' interactive Iraqi War timeline has been updated HERE. Stay informed & pissed; That's my motto!

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