I Love the Internet

Getting stoned and watching Vh1’s I Love the [insert decade here] series is terribly entertaining. I say “terribly” because it is essentially a few comedians & random pop  culture icons repeating similar commentary, very base observations reiterated five or six times. Not exactly deep, but entertaining none the less. My favorite part of the shows is the “I LOVE that song!” moments it inspires. Today’s debut of I Love the New Millenium is responsible for the following playlist. A little bit of musical genius, a little bit of laughable pop swill, a little bit of nostalgia, results in an embarrassing sing-a-long. Some of these “gems” are best enjoyed when home alone (Nelly, I am so referring to you).

Before our booties were going “da-dah, da-dah”, how ever did us mere mortals choeograph our bar dance moves to the music? Sisqo revolutionized how we thought of our underwear…and in turn, how we thought of ourselves - life altering lyricism (like that corn ball over dramatic moral? Yeah, I’ve watched all the I Love the… episodes. Thank you, Michael Ian Black).

Nelly’s “Country Grammer” gave us that goal-inspiring line “Fucking lesbian twins, nah” and I, personally, have not been the same since. You haven't officially "made it to the big leagues" until you to are fucking lesbian twins, y'know?

The Who’s Baba O’Riley is a fixture on any of my Favorite Songs of All Time lists.

Back when Will Smith was The Fresh Prince, he and DJ Jazzy Jeff gave us this timeless ode to the Summer months. If you bumped this out your trunk right now, you’d still be hella’ tight. I promise.

Positive K’s “I Got A Man” reminds us just how bad the fashion was circa 1993.

G. Love’s fun and sorta’ sexy song about the perks of the “Booty Call” is a classic. I like the fact that the chick in question isn’t manipulated into the booty call situation, she is the instigator. You go, Girl.

Eve’s “Love is Blind” is a total downer. Excellent song, but in no way is it “uplifting”. Sorry. I was feelin’ it for a moment.

Ms. Jill Scott puts it down with “Gettin’ in the Way” & all y’all better heed her advice and back down before you smacked down.

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