McCain in ‘08? Be afraid, be very afraid

It seems rather obvious to people like me that Barack Obama will be the nation's next President, but I have been wrong about these kind of things before. I tend to underestimate the power of The Dark Side on occasion, I guess. That being the case, even though I am certain of a Democratic sweep of the Executive in November, I might as well continue preaching fire & brimstone if McCain wins to ensure the support of frightened citizens. Conservatives win that way, so why shouldn't we?

John McCain sucks, because...

1. he has consistently voted against federally funded comprehensive sex education in our schools.

2. but then voted in support of Bush's "Partial Birth Abortion Act".

3. Supported the Global Gag Rule that eliminated federal funds to international programs fighting AIDS that advocated more than abstinence only as a means of disease prevention.

4. Voted in opposition to a program that would have provided funds for emergency contraceptives to be on hand for rape victims at police stations & local hospitals.

5. He's old & Obama is much better to look at.

6. He's militarily minded &, quite frankly, I'm over that kind of Cold War bullshit.

7. McCain has sold out his brothers in uniform by voting in support of budget cuts that stripped health & other veterans benefits, has flip-flopped on the torture issue, and has expressed no intention of ending the Iraq debacle anytime soon.

8. He's rockin' a serious comb-over. Never trust a man with a comb-over like that. Trust me.

9. Wouldn't it be kick ass to watch the talking heads on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC nit-pick every aspect of Barack's life in an attempt to sway voters to McCain's camp, only to have Obama win & the media fumble all over itself to back

track in the early months of his presidency? I think so.

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