When cable TV is your boyfriend dates come in half-hour increments

I’ve complained about television programing being Super-Sucky way too many times to watch it as often as I do, but what is a single broke alcoholic supposed to do on weeknights? I do more than my fair share of reading, I blog, I play video games, and I entertain my two cats but sometimes the allure of the boob tube is just too damned strong to resist. Lucky for me, some of my most favorite shows are just starting new seasons so I’m not stuck watching re-runs of South Park and Family Guy all the time. Ever the critic, I am pretty fickle when I dole out positive reviews of TV shows (even if the cast includes Super Hotties). My TV recommendations are trustworthy, as a result, and they are as follows:

** Weeds: This Showtime drama/comedy is in it’s fourth season & if you haven’t managed to watch the program yet, run (don’t walk) to the nearest house with premium cable and catch up! Of course, you can always use your trusty-dusty internet connection (and a non-Explorer browser) to watch the entire series as well. The plot centers around a newly widowed mother of two, Nancy Botwin, and her struggle to maintain her suburban lifestyle by selling that sweet ganja referenced in the title. Her partners-in-crime include the Oh-So-Cute Conrad (her Tutor in the ways of the game), his auntie Heylia (Nancy’s No-Nonsense connect), City Councilman Doug Wilson (played by the ever funny Kevin Nealon), Nancy’s idiot brother-in-law Andy, and my favorite character of all – Celia Hodes, the stereotypical suburban know-it-all Bitch Lady. Weeds is full of complex characters, unpredictable plot twists, and questionable morals making the show one of my all-time favorites.

** My Boys: I doubted this comedy at first, but after watching the entire first & second seasons via TBS’ website I started counting down the days until the third season debuted. This show is centered around seven homies in Chicago: PJ (a tomboy-ish sports writer, Cubs fan, and the shows narrator), Stephanie (PJ’s girly best friend & relationship councilor), Andy (PJ’s older brother, played by Jim Gaffigan), Bobby (PJ’s co-worker & one of the show’s hotties), Brenden (one of the show’s other hotties, PJ’s roommate), Mike (the dip-shit friend), Kenny (the ugly friend & Stephanie’s nemesis). The buddies drink heavily, play poker, & shoot the shit just like you or I…except much funnier.

** Californication: Another gem from Showtime, this one starring the ex-X-filer David Duchovny as the cranky writer/Playboy Hank Moody. He drinks, he fucks, and he is unapologetic about it. His ex has left him for a real douche-bag, his daughter is entering adolescence, and his writer’s block is killing his career but Moody tries to make the best of his existence in Los Angeles even though he fucking hates it. I was surprised that I liked this show, since it ain't exactly feminist-approved, but I was entertained by season 1 and expect the same from season 2.

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