Proof! See! I’m not crazy!

Most folks listen to my conspiracy theories regarding the City of Stockton, it’s beloved developers, and the complacent local media just to be kind. They nod their heads, offer half-hearted agreements, & their internal monologue goes something like this: “What the fuck is this bitch talking about? Did she skip her meds today?”. Fortunately, I am undaunted by the skepticism of others; I have plenty of my own, Thank you very much! Anyhow, all y’all nay-sayers (or nay-thinkers) can’t possibly deny the blatant example of my Stock-town conspiracy perched on the front page of today’s paper. The headline read: Brown puts pressure on Stockton. According to The Record, the city’s General Plan is being attacked by leftist-tree huggers backed by the state Attorney General Jerry Brown. The tone of the article suggests that Brown is involving himself in issues that do not concern him and is probably motivated by his own political ambitions (Governor in 2010!). I planned on relaying The Record’s retarded opinion sarcastically, but those two sentences annoyed me enough. Here’s the deal: Stockton, like other cities of similar size, has developed a General Plan (The Record calls it “landmark”, just like they called the stadium downtown a “can’t lose situation for the city of Stockton”). Our General Plan conveniently falls in line with the business plans of A.G. Spanos and Grupe; it allows previous zoning regulations to be disregarded so that these cocksuckers can erect more housing developments on the edges of town (houses that Stocktonians can’t afford, that the current infrastructure can’t support, and that the local community cannot possibly benefit from). The Sierra Club and the Morada Area Association (residents of the eastern edge of SJ County) sued the city, charging that the Plan was environmentally hazardous, detrimental to the community, and just plain sucky. These concerns should have been taken seriously by City Council, by the mayor, by the local news media, by the citizenry since our air & water quality is atrocious. We’ve been cited by the State plenty of times for our ham-handed approach to the Valley’s environment & any resident will attest to the nasty taste of our air. Still, the local government and it’s subordinate media arm present the law suit as an annoyance, not an actual concern. Attorney General Jerry Brown is considering intervening in the law suit to force Stockton to address the concerns of it’s inhabitants and abide by state laws that are clearly broken in the General Plan– y’know, doing the job we elected him to do. But, The Record clearly implies that his involvement is not wanted by the political machine running this joint, as evidenced by the following excerpts from the article:

  • “It is not unusual for Brown to involve himself in local land-use policies. Since the state in 2006 enacted legislation requiring California to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Brown has pressured agencies across the state to account for the impact of growth on emissions blamed for global warming.” READ: This mother-fucker is always getting in other people’s business.
  • “Stockton's General Plan refers several times to the phasing of development. It also addresses global warming, having been revised to do so prior to the plan's adoption, after activists complained. The plan obligates the city to adopt policies requiring that new development reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” READ: What more do these whiny Environ-pussies want us to do? Gawd!
  • “Representatives of developers A.G. Spanos Cos. and The Grupe Co. - two companies with significant interests in the General Plan - had heard Brown was interested in Stockton but said they did not know to what end.” READ: The only people that need to be concerned with the city’s General Plan are the one’s posed to make a killing on it.
  • “Brown, a Democrat, is a former governor of California and mayor of Oakland and is widely considered a likely candidate for governor in 2010.” READ: So all this bullshit is just part of his political agenda!

Dudes & dudettes, read the article and try to believe the bullshit contained within. It is next to impossible.

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