It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

And I have already tidied up the living quarters (hung up my clothes, even!), washed all the dirty dishes that have been mounting in my sink for the past week (or two?), and busted out the Swiffer for a quick once-over the kitchen floor. I entertained myself for a half-hour or so by watching my neighbor’s domestic spat, that they were kind enough to act out in the middle of the street, directly beneath my huge kitchen windows (they ain’t got shit on my folks!). I’ve sent a few derogatory text messages; I’ve re-painted my toe nails (hot pink); I’ve smoked the two cigarettes I allot myself daily; I’ve enjoyed a few episodes of Veronica Mars (Season Two). All of this & it’s only 6 o’clock! How the fuck do I intend to waste the day’s remaining hours? At the moment, I’m partial to drinking booze & reviewing current events via my blog. So, let’s jump right in…


* I’ve already done Burning Man twice. I’ve hit up Hempfest. I was lucky enough to enjoy one afternoon at Seattle’s Reggae on the Waterfront. But DAMN IT! I want to experience South by Southwest! All those commentaries, videos, & what not that lucky folks have been posting from SXSW have really sparked my envy. Next year, I’m doing that. I mean, just look how wiped out Ann & Samhita from feministing are in this Friday Feminist Fuck You from SXSW! Appears to be my kinda’ fun & I am totally down with the sausage-fest of which they speak.


*   I’m a little slow on the jump here, but can’t resist pointing out the ridiculousness of the Pope and his opinions about condoms increasing AIDs in Africa. It never ceases to amaze me just how authoritative his Pope-i-ness thinks he really is when it comes to sex, since the man is a life-long abstainer from the deed & he kicks it with similarly afflicted dudes all day. Never the less, Pope Benedict XVI feels he is the dude most qualified to dictate the sexual mores of the Catholic Church without, as far as I know, consulting anyone that actually uses their No-No Parts as God intended. Anyhow, his latest opinion is that the Catholic Church is on the “forefront of the battle against AIDs” because they know that the spread of HIV across the African continent cannot be tamed by distribution of condoms & doing so actually exacerbates the problem. Wow. Did anybody explain to the guy how AIDs, HIV, or sex actually works? Someone should. When more than 22 million people are infected with the HIV virus in Sub-Saharan Africa and 1/5 of the continent’s population are Roman Catholic, it seems awfully callous and ridiculous to diss condoms & claim that a “responsible and moral attitude toward sex” will help fight the disease. Silly, silly naive clergymen! Speak on what you know, Dah-lings! In case a reminder is needed, The Catholic Church ain’t exactly in a position to advocate “moral attitude[s] toward sex”, what with the whole alter boy molestation stuff. Then there was the recent excommunication of priests that supported a nine-year old rape victim’s abortion, even though giving birth to her step father’s twins posed a direct threat to the little girl’s life. That ain’t exactly the morally correct stance, as I see it. PB XVI really oughta’ think about how fucked it is to put religious dogma ahead of people’s lives before spouting this kind of bullshit, y’know? BTW, Is that a drag queen with the Pope?


*  Rolling Stone released their list of 100 People That Are Changing America & only a piddly-shit 15 of those 100 people are females (only two of which are women of color). I can agree with the inclusion of Melanie Sloan (#82), founder of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, and Wafaa El-Sadr (#76), director of the International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Programs at Columbia University, because these chicas are putting in work for the betterment of humankind. And I’m down with giving it up for Rachel Maddow (#22) since she is not only a top rated female primetime news anchor, but also an out lesbian, making her as rare as they come on American TV & improving the whole representation in the media thang. Ditto for Arianna Huffington (#10) from the Huffington Post, Tina Fey (#8) in the sphere of comedy, and M.I.A. (#11) in the world of pop music. But apparently, country music teen star Taylor Swift (#100) is changing this nation because she behaves her self in public and Kate Winslet (#51) is noted for not fitting the stereotypical Hollywood mold. Wow! These ladies aren’t out-of-control party girl starlets! Let’s give them a fucking Nobel!


* And for your comedic amusement… Thank You Fail Blog!

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  1. The Pope is only trying to force his belief system on africa. I wrote about it myself in my blog:

    check it out if you want too :)