My Make Believe Political Marriage

Anyone that has ever had a conversation with me about California politics will have definitely discovered at least one thing. I loooove Gavin Newsom, the current mayor of San Francisco & (rumored) Democratic candidate for Governor in 2010. I am not usually that shallow when it comes to politics, but Newsom is oh-so-fine (for a politician), Clinton-esque charismatic, & left-leaning? That’s a triple-threat, in my book. He is officially my Make Believe Politician-Husband (not to be confused with my Make Believe Internet Boyfriend, Make Believe Soul Mate, or the slightly less imaginary, Make Believe Boyfriend). How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

(Left: G.N. @ an anti-Prop 8 rally   Below:Newsom @ 2007 Pride Parade)

1. Marijuana: The issue that politicized me was marijuana legalization & I still hold true to my beliefs on this one. I realize that outside California, medicinal marijuana & decriminalization sound like hippie pipe dreams & at the moment, pot may not be the biggest fish we’ve got to fry. Never the less, legalizing marijuana (or at least chilling the fuck out when it comes to pot related crimes) is important because locking folks up for smoking or distributing such a harmless drug is just downright cruel & counter-productive in a state with such overcrowded prisons. That is why I adore Newsom’s stance on marijuana being part of his platform. At a Santa Cruz rally, Newsom said he would “unequivocally” support medicinal marijuana legislation as Governor of this great state.

2. Support for Same Sex Marriage: No mayor of SF could get away with dissing the Castro, but Newsom has taken the issue on as a personal political crusade & that, Dear Readers, is commendable in this age rank with corrupt bastardization of “values”. In early 2004, Newsom (can I just call you “Gavin”?) ordered the city to grant a marriage license to any couple requesting one. The move led to years of legal wrangling that resulted in May’s state Supreme Court decision declaring a fundamental “right to marry” in California that extends to couples of the same sex.

3. Environmental Crusader: He started a program to recycle restaurant waste into biodiesel that will eventually power a fleet of city vehicles, and he hired a global warming “czar” to find ways for San Francisco to reduce its carbon footprint. The city, under Newsom, joined the Kyoto Protocol.

4. Poverty Solutions: He made the city of San Francisco the first in the country to provide universal access to healthcare for its residents, regardless of their ability to pay. His Care Not Cash program has gotten many homeless people into the city’s assisted care shelters and slashed the tax payers burden by a third. He created the San Francisco Homeless Outreach Team (SF HOT) and Project Homeless Connect (PHC). SF HOT functions as a short-term intensive case management team, assisting the most disabled homeless individuals to access health, social and housing services. PHC consists of bimonthly events that bring together a host of public and private services at one location, making it easier for homeless individuals to connect with a number of services under one roof. Both of these programs have worked to move homeless people into permanent, supportive housing.

5. Considers himself a disciple of the Dianne Feinstein-style of California politics: Feinstein’s our senior home-girl in the Senate & one of my personal favorite politicians. Anyone using  her as the barometer of their political leanings is OK in my book. Feinstein did jump his shit for his gay marriage pre-emptive strike being so close to Kerry’s 2004 Presidential bid, but really? Kerry would have lost regardless & I refuse to believe that D.F. is ignorant to that truth!

6. Respects the Unions: On October 27, 2004, during a strike by hotel workers on a dozen San Francisco hotels, Newsom joined UNITE HERE union members on a picket line in front of the Weston St. Francis Hotel. He vowed that the city would boycott the hotels by not sponsoring city events in any of them until the hotels agreed to a contract with workers.

7. Respects the Immigrant as a Person, not a Problem: On April 23, 2007, Newsom again drew national attention when he announced at a community action held by the San Francisco Organizing Project that he would do everything he could to discourage federal authorities from conducting immigration raids. Newsom supported city identification cards for illegal immigrants in 2007 to allow them access to city services and to be able to set up bank accounts in the city.

8. Is A Bleeding Heart, Too!: He’s against corporal punishment, favors gun control,AND he thinks affordable health care & funding education should be California’s top priorities. *sigh*

(ABOVE:Newsom & real-life wife, Jennifer Siebel, @ 2008 Pride Parade  RIGHT: G.N. partying in SF, 2007)


I think G.N.’s greatest selling point is that he appears to genuinely give a fuck about the welfare of his constituents, or at least he respects his office enough to primarily use it to benefit the people he governs. Plus, he’s hot like Ferris Bueller and doesn’t California deserve a hottie-Governor? Good for the ego & the image, no?

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