Politics is for Suckers

I dislike the words “politics” and “political” because when they are applied to specific topics, a large swath of the population stops paying attention. “I’m not into politics” or “I’m not really political” they say before disregarding the offending subject matter. I prefer to use the labels “Shit That Fucking Matters” or “Fucked Up Shit The Government’s Doing” or similarly phrased declarations of Important! Because you’re being screwed. I understand how dull & confusing the shit can be when uninterested, but need I remind y’all about civic duty? I do my best to ‘splain the situation whenever I can, but there are some things that go so far over my head that I can’t even front like I know what’s up. Such is the case with Obama’s stimulus package-stuff. What the hell is going on? The mainstream media keeps telling me it’s socialism, but I learned long ago that “socialism” is just another Boogey Man intended to distract us Average Folk (like “terrorist”, “Communist”, “pacifist”). Lucky for me, there are like-minded ladies on the Web with the knowledge I seek! Follow THIS LINK to What Tami Said & her first post demystifing the Obama budget from a lay-man’s perspective. She breaks it down on the Department of Housing & Urban Development – their chunk of the budget cash, what it’s being spent on, what the White House plans on doing… Thanks for the schoolin’.


I fucking love South Park. They always make sure remind us just how fucking ridiculous we actually are by calling out our social quirks with that unrelenting, vulgar tone that I adore so! Peep the clip on Purity Rings, starring the Jonas Brothers & a pissed off Mickey Mouse, CEO.

For fun-zees, watch the Obama Inauguration celebrations in the Park & giggle with me!

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